From Analog to Digital

Updated: May 20, 2019

Today I wanted to share with you my work flow; From analog to digital.

While talking to some friends I realize the joy i get in drawing something in my sketch book that I end up bringing to life in the digital world. Not that I don't love just drawing and sketching but there is something magical about starting some where and ending up completely somewhere else. Like this song by Travis Scott Featuring Drake.

OK so here we go,

It all begins in my sketch book. I have a palm sized sketch book I keep in my tote bag.

While out visiting the south beach botanical garden with two of my lovely lady friends,

we sat and discussed what it mean to "try to hard." Long story short we came to an agreement that it meant to accept what is current and continue trying but with a clear awareness of self and surroundings... something like that, or like this scene in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Anyways while chatting and appreciating life I was able to make a quick sketch. Also was able to do a quick collabo with my friend Aurora that you can see along with images from that day here.

Below, all the way to your left you can see the sketch from my little notebook.

I grabbed my iphone took a pic and was giddy to upload it to one of my fave apps,

Adobe Draw. Adobe Draw is an app I found a couple years back for my ipad. When my ipad broke, cuz I sat on it ( sorry mom) I found no use for the app anymore :( till one day I got bored and added it to my phone. To my surprise it was not great, it was excellent! Not to heavy on my phone, while quick and receptive at the same time. I loaded it up to the app and used my image as a reference. Now to my techys with the marvelous app I can export the file to the creative cloud as a psd and in my laptop and download the psd file to open it in photoshop.

And thats how i made the stickers below!

- thanx for stopping by ttyl <3