Home Studio Vibes

Updated: Oct 5, 2018

A studio can be a great opportunity at making some art. Space and atmosphere can really dictate the mood which can in turn influence the things you make. Here in Miami I am greatful to have a small apartment home studio located in the Heart of Little Havana. For my studio days I mostlyI spend my morning drinking cafecito and enjoying the pleasure of jazz streaming from the windows. The vibes in my space are very eclectic, and lean towards a cozy mood. I feel like you can see a bit of my home in my art and visa versa.

Art by Miami Artist Tesoro Carolina

The benefits of a home studio are being intimate with your art. Privacy of your own space along with creative control of the vibe (as well as the mess) is pretty invaluable.

Cons of a home studio, well you can be to close to your art. I found that it may drive you a bit crazy and force you to ignore it instead of working on it. Sometimes no matter how you set the vibe its not the same as enjoying the vibes that a combination of artist make. Art energy is contagious and it would be cool to have that art fever at all times.

At home I managed to put together a couple of nooks that inspire me and make me feel right. Here are some pictures of those spaces that make my home what it is.

Thanx for checking out a glimpse of my home studio!

In this next chapter of my art life maybe I'll look into a Art Studio or a collective.

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<3 - Tesoro