Sticker Collection By Tesoro Carolina

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

As a young lady I spent a lot of quarters on vending machine stickers that served a shiny slap of joy in a white cardboard envelope. I've always loved stickers, collecting them, personalizing all my items with them and hoarding them in a bin for a magical moment.

Nowadays I take a lot of pride in creating one of a kind designs to collect, share and slap where you please. Shining, glistening, reflecting and even transparent, these stickers get paired with a perfect combination of vinyl in order to convey a magical effect. My designs are inspired by Miami living, tropical vibes, and inspirations. Stickers have always been a passion and now I have the opportunity to have a collection of my own that I can share with you.


Below is a collection of original sticker designs by Tesoro Carolina


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