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A Bit About Me

“Art has always played a major role in my life. It comforts me and allows me to feel connected to something greater than myself. Art humbles me daily but also builds me up to be a better version of myself every day. “ With her heart set on the Arts, she found herself working in various creative fields that have both educated her and fueled her personal work. Such as being able to curate art shows for the Miami Dade Downtown Public Library and a pop-up show featuring 30 local artists in Wynwood.  Her work has been acquired by collectors as well as by the Miami Dade library’s private collection. Occasionally you can find her work on display at different library locations. If asked she would say her favorite opportunity has been painting large-scale murals which she has had the pleasure to create around town.

Using multiple outlets as creative mediums Tesoro Carolina's love for art spills over.  Including but not limited to teaching art, fashion styling,  playlist curating, and more, 
Check out all the different ways she expresses herself. Click on the links below to see the portfolios she has put together over the years.

Work Experience:

November 2011 - Present

July 20219 - January 2022

Febuary 2016 - May 2019 

In 2011 Tesoro Carolina Founded her LLC. She has ever since been working on creating a platform for her designs on etsy. She has acquired a 5-star reputation by creating one-of-a-kind designs, stickers, tshirts and prints. She also provides creative services such as live painting, large-scale mural work and digital design. 

Working in graphic design for over 6 years, Tesoro Carolina has had the opportunity of working with clients such as BEA Architects, Nuest cosmetics, Drive fine amongst many others. She also had the privilege of working as a professional photographer for clients such as the Miami New Times and Cirq de soliel.  Until recently, she spent most of her Corona days teaching art to underprivileged youth with a nonprofit located in Allaphatta.

As a Techy Tesoro was part of the Monitoring team for that analyzes graphs as well as collaborates with production operations on building efficient alert systems responsible for the health of the overall platform. Also In charge of company-wide communications, training, and knowledge base regarding the Wix Blog Products. Her duties included Hosting presentations for the company, creating documentation for products such as instructions, features, and bug reports, as well part of the hiring and orientation team that provided culture talks and integration training for new employees.